Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 2012 Steelhead fishing season is quickly approaching. Anglers are itching to head back to the rivers with hopes of catching an early steelhead. Anglers are checking their gear, replacing their line and getting antsy to say the least. Flow gauges begin to get monitored and the rain dances begin. Lake Erie temps are pretty warm but this doesn’t deter the steelhead angler from daydreaming of the days to come.

For Team SAA the season begins the second week of September. The annual trek to Ontario is now within view. King Salmon beware! We come ready to put the smack down. This trip has become a tradition, with lots of fish as well as great memories to be recorded. It’s time to meet up with fellow Canadian chrome fanatics and see what new rods and reels they have to look at. Sacs, skein, and the centerpin in hand we will see you in the near future friends.

It is a mad dash around the alley from there. From Canada to New York, then over to Pennsylvania. Then crossing Ohio into Michigan. This year I am going to try and fit it into my schedule to head west into the Washington area and meet up with some fellow angling fanatics. Maybe even hit up a trout seminar. Looking forward to hitting the tributaries once again this year.

While I hurry up and wait for the season to kickoff, I have been in the workshop creating some floats. Figured it would pass the time as well as be somewhat productive. Nothing like watching a custom cork float dunk! See you on the water this 2012-13 Steelhead Fishing Season!!!

Until Next Time...
Fish Hard...Fish Often...

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