Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Steelhead Alley after Sandy Storm

River Updates are "Flooding" in. The rain is now subsiding, and flows on the area Steelhead Alley streams are beginning to drop. Flood conditions in many areas with streets closed due to high water, downed trees and power lines. There certainly won't be any problem with leaves clogging up the river system, and surely mother nature has filled in old honey holes and cut open new ones. As soon as the rivers are safe to inspect, we will be out there on the water. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Northeast Braces for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy

Unless you live under a rock, you should have already heard that the latest storm system moving up along the east coast.  Sandy is about to take a left turn into the New York and Jersey shoreline, bringing with her a lot of rain.  From a fishing perspective, this is perfect timing.  Though from the normal citizen, east coasters are bracing for impact.  Let’s hope that Sandy doesn’t hit to hard, but brings us anglers the water we are looking for.

In the Ohio area, it has been raining for several days.  All rivers flows are defiantly on the rise, and feeder creeks are flowing high.  We are seeing just the beginning of the Sandy Hurricane effect here.  After this latest weather system passes, Steelhead Alley should be lights out with action.  Anglers are on pins and needles to get out there and get their chrome on.  Team SAA heads east into New York next week, and it should be a fantastic time.

Stay tuned for fishing reports, as when the rivers come back to fishable levels you can be certain we at Team SAA will be there.

Until Next Time…
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Team SAA Apparel

TEAM SAA Apparel

That’s right fellow SAA Members…the wait is over…apparel is now available!

SAA is proud to announce its release of merchandise to our supporting members. We have been working hard to put together an apparel line that anyone and everyone will be proud to show off. This release includes a TEAM SAA Decal, Embroidered Baseball Cap & Embroidered Skull Cap.

TEAM SAA Decal: 4” Color Printed Vinyl Decal. Just peal and stick!

Embroidered Baseball Cap: Black and Grey Cap, brushed leather bill with distressed/worn look. Easy adjust strap.

Embroidered Skull Cap: Performance Cap, fleece inside with polyester shell. Embroidered on the front and back.

We will start taking orders immediately. Every Wednesday I will place an order with our supplier. Apparel orders will typically take one week to fill. To make ordering easy SAA has set up a Paypal Account for your purchases. If you do not have a paypal account please send a message to Bob Sparent and I will make ordering and payment arrangements.

As an additional bonus all purchases will be a win-win for all Steelheader’s. Your purchases will not only be supporting SAA but SAA will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Cleveland Metro Parks.

To place your order go to the website. Click on the
TEAM SAA Tab at the top-right of the home page.

We thank you for your support!

Steelhead Alley Angler
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up 10/22/12

This past weekend, Steelhead Alley was in the path of a quick moving rain storm.  As we suspected, most of the steelhead alley tributaries had little rain accumulation.  This meant another weekend of low flows and gin clear conditions.  Team SAA members formed their plans the evening before and planned on fishing at first light.  With anticipation of getting a few quick hookups before the daylight was glaring down on the stream waters.  The fish had other ideas though.

Like a batter stepping up to the plate, swinging 3 times and whiffing on all three pitches.  Plan A didn’t materialize for us.  Plan B and C were quickly evaluated based upon the conditions.  With the pleasant fall day weather, anglers were out in full force.  We figured we would go hunting about 5 miles upriver.  We were hoping to not only find some fish, but also some solitude from the masses.

With the extreme low and clear conditions, and the sun god not helping the situation the decision to move and find water that had trees casting their shadows seemed like the ticket.  After a long hike, we did find some willing fish.  We all had a great time even though the numbers were lower than hoped.  We certainly worked for the fish this weekend.  It is days like this weekend that should remind all anglers to enjoy those days when you are easily getting double digits.  I was just happy to be able to land a few and not have to take a glory shot of a ghost fish this week!

Some Team SAA members headed way east into New York to get their hands on some Kings, Browns, and Steelhead.  From the looks of all the smiles, it was a good few days out east.  Other anglers headed into Pennsylvania to try their hand at some chromers as well.  

As it is typical, most action regarding numbers of fish is being seen in the eastern stretches of steelhead alley as well as into our brother states to the east.  If you are able and willing to head east, we would highly recommend it as I am sure you will get into some good fishing.

Weather conditions this week  look promising for the fishing experience.  Rain is in the forecast so says the weather guys.  We will wait and see what mother nature has in store for the anglers in steelhead alley.  We are all on pins and needles.  Someone please start doing the rain dance.  

Until Next Time…
Fish Hard…Fish Often…

Friday, October 12, 2012

Team SAA Announcement

Team SAA Announcement

What a roller coaster ride it has been.  As the Phoenix rose from the ashes, SAA was born several years ago.  To say it was a bumpy ride is an understatement.  Rather than dwelling on the past, forward looking we march.  With the great support from fellow friends and anglers “you all know who you are”, SAA continues to grow.  Behind the scenes, Bob and I have been working on something special.  Well at least I think it is special, and I know Bob is excited.

I am by no means a designer when it comes to web graphics.  Sure I can take some slick photos, but lack the artistic view in the graphic design department.   Hence, we hired a graphics designer.  Taking design ideas from both myself and Bob, a new logo was born!  It has always been my vision to provide a place for anglers to kick back, enjoy the fishing fellowship, meet new anglers, and finally fish together streamside.  The cherry on top for me personally was seeing some Team SAA logo gear being worn streamside, or stickers on vehicles.  The new SAA logo will hopefully help point us in that direction.

Within the next week or so, we will start making available some apparel with the new SAA logo on them.  If you are interested, speak with Bob Sparent.  He is heading up that area.

Thanks for all the support over the past several years.  We look forward to all the exciting things to come in the future.

Until Next Time…
Fish Hard…Fish Often…

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steelhead Alley chrome hunting

 If you don’t already know, Steelhead Alley fishing action is in full swing.  It is this part of the season where time begins to move fast and a lot is happening.  Anglers are sneaking out during the day, during the night, and dreaming in bed about the next day to come.  Bright chrome is pushing, anglers are hunting chrome, and the buzz is in the air.  SAA Anglers look like a football team huddle.  Game plans are made, a clap of the hands and off the the tributaries we go.  Hoping to execute the plan and score a few chromers.

The weather watchers are in full effect now.  It becomes an art form developed over years of experience.  Determining optimal flows, paths of rain systems, run off rates and everything in between.  Empowered with that knowledge the hunting begins.  The great news is anglers are hooking up and enjoying this great fishery we have.

 If you aren’t already a member on the Facebook Group page, it has been a great success so far.  Quite a bit of great information is being discussed over there.  The group page is where SAA anglers can have their voice heard.  Posting question, getting quick response, and a place to just kick back and enjoy the fishing fellowship.  Topics of the recent Rocky River fish kill news, Kingpin Rods, Eggs, and a ton of other stuff is happening now.  Hop into the fray, as we don’t bite.

Bob and I have been diligently working on something special, and for me personally it is a monumental step.  As soon as the last of the loose ends are wrapped up, we will reveal the little secret we have been spending the majority of our time on recently.

Dan at Chagrin River Outfitters has free reel cleaning and fly line cleaning this weekend.

Craig at Erie Outfitters has fresh Salmon Eggs for sale

Adam at Paine Falls Centerpin now has his new web presence up.

Support your local stores so they can support you!

Until Next Time…
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