Monday, December 3, 2012

Supporting those who support us this holiday season

Supporting those who support us this holiday season. 

With our lack of snow and cold temperatures, to me it just doesn’t seem like “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” or “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” quite yet, but we are now in December. Thanksgiving came and went in the blink of an eye and before you know it, the kids will be ripping open presents that Santa delivered the night before. 

The tradition in our household is to begin making those Christmas wish lists. Our 4 year old son scribbles in crayon on a torn piece of paper what his desires from Santa will be this year. My wife on the other hand is very neat and organized with her lined paper and perfect cursive writing style. Then we have me the avid angler in the house. I really don’t need a list as my wife knows where to go to find gifts for me, but I play along with the list and each year the first thing on my list has something to do with helping chase the steelhead. 

Throughout a typical steelhead season, if there is something I need to help me land the next big steelhead, I am usually found visiting my favorite local fly shop. Chagrin River Outfitters found on Main Street in Chagrin Falls is a cozy shop with the latest and greatest goodies that an angler seeks. They are a reputable dealer in Simms and a plethora of fly rod and reel manufacturers. They have quite a selection of fly tying materials specific to helping anglers turn their fly pattern ideas into reality. 

Whether you are an experienced angler or one that is just starting to learn about our great fishery, Chagrin River Outfitters has something that will help you on your angling expedition. Dan, Pete, Bill, and Justin are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are always willing to help point anglers in the right direction. Their customer service is also top notch. 

Supporting our local business in the fishing industry is critical during the holiday season. As a small business, they may not have the resources needed to advertise in the traditional ways, such as putting an ad in the paper that you often see in your Thanksgiving Thursday paper. You won’t see commercials on the television, nor will you see mass mailers in your mailbox. They survive year after year by word of mouth, local foot traffic, and building a reputation of quality and customer service. 

Our local fly shops provide us with up to date information on the fishing, what is hot and what is not. They are always there to help us with our questions on fishing and gear selections. It is only fitting that we support them, especially during the holiday season. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a daily angler seeking the fish that bonds us, I would highly recommend you stop in and support your local shops. They support us and we should support them. 

Dear Santa, I have been good this year so get me something from Chagrin River Outfitters

Until Next Time… 
Fish Hard...Fish Often… 

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