Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabin Fever in Full Effect

Cabin Fever in Full Effect

As anglers sit here on this last day of January, the cabin fever is beginning to set in.  Steelhead Alley regional weather patterns have varied from one extreme to another this month.  Last week we set some records for cold, while yesterday we set a record for heat.  Frigid evening temperatures locked up the streams across the alley last week, but the upper 60 degree weather on Wednesday has thawed out the ice in the rivers and melted the snow on the ground.  This has caused the river flows to shoot up.

Either way you slice it, the cold weather last week made it difficult for anglers to chase the fish, flicking ice from their guides and fighting the windburn on the face.  With the rising river flows due to the recent snow melt, we wait for the weather to stabilize so that we can get out there and get onto some fishable conditions.   

Tis the season to look for other ways to occupy the time that is typically spent streamside.  There are seminars and expo’s to attend, fly boxes to fill, YouTube videos to watch and learn a new trick, and Facebook to pass the time with fellow anglers.  If you haven’t already, the party is started over at the Team SAA Facebook Group.  If you aren’t there, you are missing the party.  

With my adventure down this switch rod path, most of my time has been spent with learning to tie my own flies.  Chagrin River Outfitters in Chagrin Falls has all the goodies for tying the streamer patterns I have been stocking up on.  When it comes to learning a thing or two, here in Steelhead Alley a lot of area anglers have been participating in not only Steelhead Alley Angler, but also on the Ohio Fly Fishing group page on Facebook.  With Social Media becoming so popular, this is a great way to connect with anglers of all experience levels.  As a relatively new angler to the world of fly fishing, social media such as Facebook and the groups within have been helping me with my learning curve.  

Team SAA has their Meet and Greet on February 19th at Chagrin River Outfitters and we are looking forward to putting faces to names.  Bob and I have been video conferencing weekly and brainstorming some new ideas to bring to our loyal followers new content in ways never done here in Steelhead Alley.  Stay tuned for details!  Keep your eyes peeled as we are going to make some great things happen!

Mario found some Chrome!

Justin found Chrome!

Fabian found Chrome!

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