Thursday, November 8, 2012

SAA Fishing Report

11/7/2012 Rivers are hot and loaded with chrome!

Hurricane Sandy dumped inches upon inches of rain in the Steelhead Alley region.  After about 7 days of rain, the streams and creeks in Pennsylvania began to fish first.  Anglers are reporting double digit days for individuals and triple digit days as a group.  Needless to say, the fishing was hot.  The further western and central Steelhead Alley tributaries began to fish this past weekend.  Flows on the Chagrin River are optimal as of yesterday, and I was able to get out there and bring several fish to the bank.  A mix of Pautzke cured egg sacs as well as single bead presentations were working quite well.

Mother Nature changed many of my favorite holes, filling in some and cutting out new holes that the steelhead tend to hang in.  Log jams once holding fish are now pulverized into splinters, but new log jams now in place.  Fish are now spread throughout the river system, so there should be plenty of opportunity for anglers to get into fish at this point.

Our largest river the Grand River is now fishable and should produce some quality chrome.  Anglers are having great success with both egg sac presentations as well as swung streamers by the fly and spey guys.  Things are shaping up to be an excellent winter season.  Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

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Fish Hard…Fish Often…

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