Monday, November 26, 2012

A beginners journey Part 2

Switching it up with Ben See – A beginners journey Part 2 

It has been a bit since I have had some time to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life to write an update article. I have squeezed in time on the water with the switch rod over the past few weeks. I am continuing to work on some spey casting with the hopes of landing my first fish on the switch. I know where the fish live, and now I am just trying to build some confidence in the sink tip tactics. I have learned a few things with sink tips and other general observations. 

1. If you swing a sink tip with nothing attached to the end of the welded loop, that loop lasts a single cast. Don’t cast a sink tip with nothing attached to it. Welded loop will crack like a whip and break. 

2. MOW tips are easier to cast. 

3. Less is more. Less casting effort is more and seems to give you more power and a better cast. 

4. When attaching welded loop lines together, there is a right and wrong way. If you do it the wrong way the loops double over themselves and are virtually impossible to get apart. 

5. This style of fishing is a bit of a thinking man’s game. Approaching a run takes a bit of thought on where to stand and how you want your presentation to be. 

6. You are in the strike zone a significantly less amount of time vs. other angling methods. 

7. Watch for wind changes so that you can adjust your cast. I had a few close calls with the wind blowing the fly into me. 

So on my first trip out with the switch rod, I get all the way to the river and realize I forgot a key piece of the puzzle. Checked my vest and had no leader. Rather than trek back to the car, I decided to just work on my casting. I realized that welded loops on sink tips don’t last long with no leader or fly attached. 

On my second trip I hit the Grand River. Had 1 head shaker but never did land the fish. I worked more on my casting and began to get more comfortable with it. I worked the river with a few different flies but no such luck landing a fish. 

On my third trip I hit the Chagrin River. Now more comfortable with the single/double spey, as well as the snap T casting I was able to focus more on learning to adjust my stance and try to figure out how to get my fly down to the area I thought had fish. I learned that sometimes when you think you are snagged it could be a fish. Funny story of the day was when I thought I was snagged and all of a sudden a female rocket jumped out of the water. Unfortunately by the time I realized I had a fish on, the fish was off. Lesson learned though, and I made a mental note. 

My most recent trip to the river being the fourth time out, I felt quite a bit better about things. Got the casting to where I can place the fly where I want it both river left/right situations. I can adjust my casting stroke based upon wind conditions. Using a MOW sink tip, I put the fly into position and let it swing. Finally SUCCESS! A chrome steelhead comes to hand. 10 minutes later FISH ON! Another steelhead landed. I am finally putting the pieces of this puzzle together. I am looking forward to my next trip out so that I can continue to learn more. 

Until Next Time… 
Fish Hard…Fish Often…

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