Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steelhead Alley chrome hunting

 If you don’t already know, Steelhead Alley fishing action is in full swing.  It is this part of the season where time begins to move fast and a lot is happening.  Anglers are sneaking out during the day, during the night, and dreaming in bed about the next day to come.  Bright chrome is pushing, anglers are hunting chrome, and the buzz is in the air.  SAA Anglers look like a football team huddle.  Game plans are made, a clap of the hands and off the the tributaries we go.  Hoping to execute the plan and score a few chromers.

The weather watchers are in full effect now.  It becomes an art form developed over years of experience.  Determining optimal flows, paths of rain systems, run off rates and everything in between.  Empowered with that knowledge the hunting begins.  The great news is anglers are hooking up and enjoying this great fishery we have.

 If you aren’t already a member on the Facebook Group page, it has been a great success so far.  Quite a bit of great information is being discussed over there.  The group page is where SAA anglers can have their voice heard.  Posting question, getting quick response, and a place to just kick back and enjoy the fishing fellowship.  Topics of the recent Rocky River fish kill news, Kingpin Rods, Eggs, and a ton of other stuff is happening now.  Hop into the fray, as we don’t bite.

Bob and I have been diligently working on something special, and for me personally it is a monumental step.  As soon as the last of the loose ends are wrapped up, we will reveal the little secret we have been spending the majority of our time on recently.

Dan at Chagrin River Outfitters has free reel cleaning and fly line cleaning this weekend.

Craig at Erie Outfitters has fresh Salmon Eggs for sale

Adam at Paine Falls Centerpin now has his new web presence up.

Support your local stores so they can support you!

Until Next Time…
Fish Hard…Fish Often…

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