Monday, October 29, 2012

Northeast Braces for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy

Unless you live under a rock, you should have already heard that the latest storm system moving up along the east coast.  Sandy is about to take a left turn into the New York and Jersey shoreline, bringing with her a lot of rain.  From a fishing perspective, this is perfect timing.  Though from the normal citizen, east coasters are bracing for impact.  Let’s hope that Sandy doesn’t hit to hard, but brings us anglers the water we are looking for.

In the Ohio area, it has been raining for several days.  All rivers flows are defiantly on the rise, and feeder creeks are flowing high.  We are seeing just the beginning of the Sandy Hurricane effect here.  After this latest weather system passes, Steelhead Alley should be lights out with action.  Anglers are on pins and needles to get out there and get their chrome on.  Team SAA heads east into New York next week, and it should be a fantastic time.

Stay tuned for fishing reports, as when the rivers come back to fishable levels you can be certain we at Team SAA will be there.

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Fish Hard…Fish Often…

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