Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up 10/22/12

This past weekend, Steelhead Alley was in the path of a quick moving rain storm.  As we suspected, most of the steelhead alley tributaries had little rain accumulation.  This meant another weekend of low flows and gin clear conditions.  Team SAA members formed their plans the evening before and planned on fishing at first light.  With anticipation of getting a few quick hookups before the daylight was glaring down on the stream waters.  The fish had other ideas though.

Like a batter stepping up to the plate, swinging 3 times and whiffing on all three pitches.  Plan A didn’t materialize for us.  Plan B and C were quickly evaluated based upon the conditions.  With the pleasant fall day weather, anglers were out in full force.  We figured we would go hunting about 5 miles upriver.  We were hoping to not only find some fish, but also some solitude from the masses.

With the extreme low and clear conditions, and the sun god not helping the situation the decision to move and find water that had trees casting their shadows seemed like the ticket.  After a long hike, we did find some willing fish.  We all had a great time even though the numbers were lower than hoped.  We certainly worked for the fish this weekend.  It is days like this weekend that should remind all anglers to enjoy those days when you are easily getting double digits.  I was just happy to be able to land a few and not have to take a glory shot of a ghost fish this week!

Some Team SAA members headed way east into New York to get their hands on some Kings, Browns, and Steelhead.  From the looks of all the smiles, it was a good few days out east.  Other anglers headed into Pennsylvania to try their hand at some chromers as well.  

As it is typical, most action regarding numbers of fish is being seen in the eastern stretches of steelhead alley as well as into our brother states to the east.  If you are able and willing to head east, we would highly recommend it as I am sure you will get into some good fishing.

Weather conditions this week  look promising for the fishing experience.  Rain is in the forecast so says the weather guys.  We will wait and see what mother nature has in store for the anglers in steelhead alley.  We are all on pins and needles.  Someone please start doing the rain dance.  

Until Next Time…
Fish Hard…Fish Often…

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